Utility Warehouse - The Discount Club


Utility Warehouse - The Discount Club

If you're like most people, you’ll be looking at ways you can reduce your monthly spend on the boring bills you are already paying.

You may not have heard of our company before – that’s the secret to saving lots of money! The company does not advertise in the national press or on TV. Instead, it relies on personal recommendation, satisfied customers and Independent Distributors letting their friends, family and colleagues know about the savings they have made. The company passes the savings it makes on to you – by charging less.

We have over 600,000 customers (growing daily) throughout the UK who are making substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas and electricity, groceries, fuel, shopping and restaurants.  

It's really easy to see how much you can save; just complete your details below and we will come back to you showing you the saving you will make. We'll even replace all your light bulbs with the latest low energy LED bulbs Free of Charge, which will reduce your electric by around 15% per year, and you can have our partners like Sainsbury's Boots and M&S pay your utility bill for you and be guaranteed the best utility prices available.

Complete your details below and get instant access to our video where Joanna Lumley will explain how it works.

Let's get started and see just how much money you can save. . .
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That's it, you're done. Submit the form and let's see how much you will save this month, next month and every month... and don't worry, we hate spam too, so we promise you we wont ever share your details with anyone. Please only submit this form is you are happy for us to call you to discuss your utilities.